building a bridge between two worlds


A bridge between resources and opportunities

Leadership is a great word, with which we usually associate others like authority, charisma, command, and also presupposes that whoever has this quality has to place himself above others in order to guide them.

There are many definitions of Leadership, but the one I present here, and on which this work is based, points in a different direction:

Leadership is a quality by which the leader puts his resources first at the service of his own personal development and second on the service of the development of those he leads. And by Development we understand the evolution towards a growing state of personal and professional autonomy and fulfillment.

It is therefore a quality that must be directed to oneself (self-knowledge) and towards others (autonomy). This may seem paradoxical: How will the leader facilitate the autonomy of all? It will be Chaos!

On the contrary. A true autonomy is the necessary requirement to generate Collective Intelligence, and this is the requirement to create balanced organizations that work in the medium and long term and know how to adapt to future changes without losing their identity.

I believe that Autonomy is one of the greatest achievements of humanity. A leader is the one who creates an environment where everyone can become autonomous.

Such environment will generate that everyone in the team will bring the best version of themselves, and every team will be better than the sum of its members.